By: Sarah Zitin


Here’s to all of our fathers and father figures! May they remain the coolest part of our lives, even when it’s just plain silly. We wanted to share some great eco-friendly gifts that every dad would love. Whether they’re a sustainability pro or just need that extra push. We think these hand-picked items from our Leaf’d team will do just that while showing them how much we love them!

Here are some awesome eco-gifts for the special dad in your life:


Wayfarer Ebony Wood Sunglasses

These frames are designed with ebony wood temples to give that unique touch to a classic and sophisticated look. Featuring gray smoke lenses, optimized with polarized lenses to eliminate reflective glare and enhance contrast, delivering superior visual clarity and comfort. 

Socks that Plant Trees

Leaf Green Socks is 100% eco-friendly with biodegradable packaging. They use a unique blend of recycled cotton mixed with recycled plastic bottles, which creates a soft durable material. By purchasing just one pair, one tree will be planted. That’s a lot easier than planting a tree! On the other hand, planting a tree never got better!

Boardshorts from Recycled Materials

Take the plunge into the “green” depths with these Panareha KUTA boardshorts. They’re designed to be quick-drying and are made from strong and smooth recycled polyester which comes from plastic bottles. They are durable, comfortable, and lightweight. Perfect for the Dad who loves all water sports!

Men’s Daily Face Wash

This gift is made by a company called Gentlemen Farmer, a family company trying to do good for the Planet. They make products that are healthier for all of us and are committed to sustainable practices. They also have shaving cream, bread oil, and more. Check out the rest of their products on

Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder

This one is perfect for the dad who loves working out and making sure he gets his protein, plant-based style. It’s a low carb (keto / Paleo-friendly), allergen-free nutritional supplement designed to help you get lean (or stay that way) and eat clean. It contains everything the body needs for optimal performance and nothing it doesn’t. It’s perfect for those pre or post-workout smoothies!