By: Sarah Zitin

Sustainable gifts for 2021 are the way to go at Christmastime! Is there any other way to shop? You can save yourself money if you know how to shop. Wise shopping is eco-friendly shopping. If you think about it, marketplaces are full of items made with wasteful materials that only last a few washings, or materials that shrink beyond recognition in one wash. There are toys that break, or kitchen utensils that fall apart, appliances that are barely usable, and the list goes on.

What are sustainable gifts and why should you buy them? As long as you’re spending money on something, isn’t it just as easy to buy sustainably? Doesn’t it make you feel better when you do? That makes you a steward of our precious Earth. Sustainable marketplace procurers are conscious ones that pay attention to details like sourcing, packaging, an equanimous workplace, fair trade, equal pay and more. 

Why Buy Sustainable Gifts?

When you buy eco-friendly products you support an entire chain of command that happens before it lands on the marketplace. The playing field before the market is huge – consider the Amazon jungle, where robber barons have been pillaging its resources for years. The Amazon gives rise to healing herbs, food for millions of people and animals, and is the source of life for many countries surrounding the area..

Resources have been overused and plundered in countries like Africa, Asia, the Middle East and more, and have been greatly reduced in volume. The issue, therefore, is much greater than any of us, and always goes right back to the source, which is land and resources.

Who Profits from Sustainability?

The entire global community is affected by the choices we make, on both large and small scales. Sustainable gifts for 2021 are the only choice if you look at it from this point of view. Many of us have a burning desire to take care of Mother Earth when given the opportunities. If we don’t, there won’t be any resources left. We’ve reached a tipping point in our environmental systems – the ocean, Amazon, air quality, natural habitats, water systems, and more, have been greatly compromised. 

It’s evident that if we wish to continue with old ways of doing and thinking, we, as a global network, will expire before the new Millenium. Given that, sustainable gifts are a no-brainer, easy to find, affordable, and your best option.

Here is a list of Sustainable Gifts for 2021:

Buy your wife a gorgeous bag for Christmas! This is a Fair Trade certified brand. They work to fight poverty, gender inequality, and more, and offer our women workers in the West Bank fair wages and working conditions. Product Details: Tote measures 11″ x 12.5″ x 6.75″ Leather exterior, Cotton lining, Interior pocket, Zipper closure, Magnet snap.

*Locally sourced cow leather from Al-Khalil, Hebron

Black Egypt Tote

Fits well and feels cozy and soft. Ethically designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. Free of petroleum. Made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric, thread and labels, and dyed with natural dyes. Good for you and Mother Earth. Naturally Dyed: Unlike industry-standard petroleum-based dyes, this shirt is dyed with natural dyes from lac (purple), indigo leaves (navy and blue colors) and wood chips (grey).

Naturally-dyed Colorblock Top

For the woman in your life, this watch is glamorous, elegant  and most importantly, cruelty free. Beautiful square designs with vegan leather straps, available in 16 combinations. This vegan watch is a real trendsetter and can be worn in any setting, with any outfit. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s UNISEX, too!

Neliö Square Vegan Leather Watch Gold, White & Black

*Fair trade & made in India

*Designed in New Orleans

*Scarf measures: 22″ wide هتby 75″ long

Stay cozy in the most beautiful shades of blue that reflect all the colors of the Caribbean Ocean. This cotton fair trade scarf features a geometric print and tassels. Your purchase helps provide a secure job with fair wages and a positive working environment to artisans in Andhra Pradesh, India.

*Handwoven and dyed

*100% Cotton

Caribbean Ikat Scarf

The Mac Coveralls are classic organic Engineer Stripe cotton twill coveralls with long sleeves, reinforced knees and zip front. If your item rips within 6 months we will repair or replace it. Sudden growth spurt? No problem. Send back your items for a discount on your next purchase.

 Durable two-direction zipper. Elastic rear waist for a put-together look. Extra long legs that can withstand growth spurts. Kid-tested for comfort.

Organic cotton twill for easy movement and knees reinforced with durable, yet comfortable canvas.

*Made with care in Portugal.

Jackalo – Mac Coverall

This soft and cushy adult bathrobe comes with a foldover shawl collar and a fixed hood that brings warmth and absorption for wet hair. Ultimate coziness for home-lounging. Double Terry (100% Organic Cotton)

*Designed in Canada. Organic Cotton: The cotton used in these collections is certified organic by GOTS, which guarantees that our fabrics must be produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically engineered seeds. Natural Dye: Using plants, fruits, and traditional Chinese medicinal products, the fabrics are dyed without adding any harmful chemicals. 

Gracious Robe

These CBD products are extraordinary! I’ve used them for pain, anxiety, sleep, calm, and just plain old relaxing. Each one has its unique benefit without THC or any harmful chemicals. They’re pure, clean, effective and affordable.

Harnessing the natural powers of antioxidants in hemp and the antidepressants in chocolate, the mint chocolate mood booster will reduce anxiety and depression while promoting euphoria. Paired with calming peppermint and the heart healthy benefits of primrose oil and vitamin E, this tincture contains rich nutritional benefits and provides a strong foundation for overall wellness with no psychoactive effects.

Holief™ CBD Balance Drops

Do you have teenage girls who are obsessed with their lips? Or just want soft, kissable lips? This new Totally Natural Tinted Lip Balm is a sheer lip tint that comes in 5 beautiful shades. Enriched with certified organic ingredients like cocoa butter, argan oil and coconut oil to nourish, hydrate and protect lips. Gluten free, Vegan and Cruelty free. Made using recyclable packaging, free of parabens, phthalates and petrolatum.


By now you get the idea of why, how, where and when to buy sustainable gifts this Christmas and every day! These products are certified and a convenient place to start for the entire family! Make gift choices wisely this year, reward yourself with sustainability, and let’s all be conscious about how and what we buy. Protect Mother Earth, which takes care of us every single day!