Regular Sneakers are No Match for These 10 Planet-Friendly Shoe Brands

It is no secret that the less is more trend has been gaining popularity over the past few years and it was only a matter of time before the minimalist lifestyle had infiltrated the fashion industry. Global brands are now capitalizing on sustainable fashion in a way that is consumer conscious and actually trendy.  Sure, consumers can talk the talk when it comes to sustainability, but here are ten eco-friendly sneaker brands that are giving back and helping you walk the walk, too.

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All Bird created a revolutionary shoe that competes all on its own. This shoe is breathable, uses 60% less energy to make, and is made from ethically handled merino wool. One recycled bottle is used to make All Bird’s laces and their packaging is made from 90% recycled material, as well. Available in men, women and kids’ options, All Bird utilizes sustainable resources to create a comfortable and ethical shoe.  


Just before you thought your favorite sneaker brand was not on the sustainability band-wagon, think again. Adidas has taken the initiative to partner with Parley for the Oceans to create a sustainable sneaker made from recycled plastic found in our oceans. Parley for the Ocean is a company dedicated to bringing awareness to the fragility of our oceans and collaborates with creators and thinkers to put an end to the destruction of our marine life.


Established in 2005, Veja sneakers has clearly established its place in the sustainable footwear industry. Doing their part to take responsibility for every step of their process, Veja purchases organic cotton directly from farmers, uses natural wild rubber from Amazon forests, and ensures their products are properly handled and supervised. Veja also allows for complete transparency with their consumers and provides all information in every stage of production on their website.

Keep Company

With a strong moral and ethical code, Keep is a brand that aims to promote a simpler lifestyle which encourages its followers to keep what it most treasured close to their heart. Independently owned, Keep is able to take these beliefs and put them into action with vegan and cruelty free shoes that help make a conscious choice that much easier. They utilize artisans and hand-made fabrics to provide shoppers with a vibrant and elaborate sneaker.


Vivo is a shoe company that actually claims not to be a shoe company. They not only have the environment in mind but they have the buyer in mind. They take careful consideration to what your feet really need to carry you throughout your everyday life. Vivo has taken the steps in creating a foot shaped shoe that allows your feet to move as nature intended, with flexibility and  sturdy soles that re-engage your feet to its fullest potential. Vivo is vegan, water resistant, breathable and non-constricting.


Much like Adidas’ partnership with Parley, Ecoalf upcycles waste from oceans to help protect not only our beaches, but they have recently partnered with fisherman to help remove the waste from the bottom of the oceans, as well. They are recognized as a certified B Corporation which competes against the best of the elite by meeting rigorous standards for social, environmental accountability, and transparency. With only 2,441 certified B Corporations in the world, consumers can guarantee to purchase a sustainable sneaker that gives back what it takes.


Another organization making waves in sustainable footwear is The People’s Movement. They are a company that seeks to design eco-hip sneakers and accessories that reflect their passion for a clean environment, all while looking trendy. Made from upcycled plastic bags and eco-conscious materials like water based glue, organic cotton canvas and nickel free eye-lits, The People’s Movement also supports organizations such as 5 Gyres, whose mission is to educate and empower action against plastic pollution in our oceans.


Certified by PETA, Ethletic is a shoe company that can replace your favorite pair of skater sneakers while reducing your carbon footprint. With over twelve different styles, Ethletic has to be one of the most diverse eco-friendly sneaker companies out there. Their shoes have no animal based ingredients and are considered a fair-trade product.

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

Most recently winning “Best Vegan Shoe 2017” by PETA, Good Guys has also won the heart, or should we say feet, of actress Emma Watson. Watson loves Good Guys because of their effortless style and strong ethics. Designed in Paris and manufactured in Portugal, Good Guys eliminates the use of sweatshops and provides its employees with clean and safe working environments. The use of sustainable elements such as natural rubber and microfiber result in a durable yet chic sneaker to pair with every outfit.


Etiko is a brand that wants to make sustainable shopping accessible and painless for its shoppers. Etiko puts a great emphasis on investing in the social and economic development of farmers and workers, in the hopes of promoting proper labor laws and the reduction of poverty in underdeveloped countries. In addition to making popular footwear, Etiko uses organic materials from India and pays their employees fairly and ethically to commit to a greener and cleaner environment.

Eco-fashion has come a long way in creating wearable designs that appeal to a wider audience who want to help save the environment and look good doing it. Whether you need a functional, active running shoe or a casual modern sneaker, these ten brands are just a few examples of how sustainable fashion has been paving the way for larger corporations to integrate a more positive relationship between fashion and the environment for years to come.