This soothing Jasmine Scent raises funds for Puerto Rico Relief needed from recent earthquakes and Hurricanes Irma & Maria. We donate to PRxPR, whose aid focuses on providing food, clean water and renewable energy to the most devastated communities.

Our 12 oz. candles have a 60 hour burn time. They are hand poured into recycled glass jars and made of a blend of local beeswax / U.S. grown eco soy.

The candle’s label is made of 100% recycled paper and designed to be easily removed in order for the recycled glass jars to easily be reused once the candles have burned away.

Dimensions: 5″ Height, 3″ Diameter

Care Instructions: Please burn candles for at least one hour for the first lighting in order to maintain a consistent and even burn for the life of the candle.

Made in New Orleans by Goods that Matter.