Clean Your Home and the Environment

Hi – We’re Planet Pods! ?

We’re an eco friendly cleaning product designed for multi-purpose cleaning. Add water to activate cleaning agents.

End Plastic Pollution, Switch Today.

Save on wasteful packaging, non-performance adding filler ingredients, and plastic waste. Buy the ingredients without wasting water and plastic pollution.

How to
1. Sprinkle directly on surface; spray with water and scrub
2. Use concentrated pod for hard-to-clean areas
3. Dilute with water in spray for freshener and everyday cleaning

sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, citric acid, white distilled vinegar, H202 hydrogen peroxide (biodegradable bleach), natural coloring, natural plant oil (eucalyptus, lemon, lavender)

Additional Details
– Contains 14 ounces of multi-purpose everyday cleaner, lasts 3-4 months

– Vegan, made with soybean oil ink and sugarcane adhesive

– Natural ingredients and compostable packaging, toxic chemicals and plastic removed

– Minimized carbon emissions, filler ingredients removed to decrease weight

– Reduce water waste, add water at home

– Apply cleaning agents directly to the surface or dilute with water in spray

– Therapeutic grade essential oils promote mental wellness, alleviate anxiety and depression

– 10% of each purchase goes toward research & development for environment revitalizing technology as well as charities supporting climate change-related crises

– Cleans most non porous surfaces including counters, vinyl car interior, tile, stone, wood and windows