1. Just Fruit: 100% natural fruit juice to prepare your flavored water with no preservatives, colorants, flavorings, sweeteners, nor added sugar. With Uni-ko Natural Fruit Concentrate you can drink more water in a tasty and natural way. Kosher, non GMO, gluten free and Vegan.
2. Delicious Flavor: Cranberry. These water enhancers are made with natural ingredients from our most virgin land and its surroundings, called the Patagonia, in the southern part of Chile.
3. Preparation: Add 1 tablespoon of Uni-ko natural fruit concentrate to a glass of water to enjoy a perfect drink. With a single bottle you can prepare up to 20 drinks of natural flavored water. You can also add it to your desserts, granola, prepare ice creams, natural drinks and much more. Enjoy it cold or hot. Once opened, keep it refrigerated.
4. Eco Friendly: At Uni-ko we care about reducing the use of plastic. So instead of carrying four 135 ounces bottles, you can just have one bottle of 10,1 ounces to prepare a gallon of your favorite drink. Finally you use 10% of the plastic.
5. International Recognition – Uni-ko was recognized as the Best Natural Flavored Water in the Food & Drink Awards 2019, 2020 and 2021, by the Lux Life Magazine, in the UK. It reinforces our quality and our efforts focused on having the best and natural product.