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Leaf composters are a great place to begin composting, if you haven’t already, because they don’t need much maintenance. Just add all your leaves and garden litter into the composter and water it daily. If you add accelerator daily, you will get your first harvest in 4 months. (Compost starter). The design of the product allows for easy harvesting. A large landscape with many types of trees will need many of these to ensure that no garden clippings and leaves leave the site. Yes you can add branches and palms, make sure you cut them down to size. Gardeners value leaf compost highly for use in lawns, so please do compost your dried leaves,  do not cart them to landfill. Compost from leaves is nutrition reach and organic.


  • Ideal for gardens with trees
  • Ideal for tree lined streets
  • Make sure you place it on concrete bricks and cement it on the ground, when it becomes full, it becomes heavy and it will sink into soft ground.
  • Add microbes and water daily for faster composting.
  • Keep compressing the pile with a stick.
  • First harvest is after 4 months.


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Created by the award-winning designer Mrs. Poonam with appearance and ease of use in mind, EcoRich home composters are suitable for most household food scraps, cooked food waste, and waste from the lawn and garden.

Our range of food composters can be used at homes and apartments. The terracotta models are the most sustainable composter available, offering an odor free, pest free, and easy to use experience. And the Elite II 20 pound a day small commercial composter is suitable for small apartment buildings or for large family homes.

Composting at home saves on collection vehicle fuel consumption, reduces pollution by diverting waste from landfills, and creates better livelihoods by promoting environmental jobs in local communities.

All this while creating nutrition for your soil or flower pots at home by composting at source. Got it? Now do it!

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 18 × 8 in


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