A unique blend of recycled cotton mixed with recycled plastic bottles, which creates a soft yet durable material. 100% Eco friendly with bio-degradable packaging. These socks are dedicated to helping the planet, by purchasing just a pair one tree will be planted. Our goal is to have no wasted materials which is why there will never be pointless plastic wrapping or excess material used. Furthermore, each sock has the leaf green logo embroidered through it. We strive for quality so instead of printing on the image we used a jacquard to create the pattern.

These socks will fit comfortably as well as being both sweat absorbent and breathable. Allowing you to wear them for leisure and during an intense workout.

For any questions feel free to email Officialleafgreen@gmail.com

(Sock ingredients: 60% recycled cotton, 38% Repreve polyester, 2% Repreve spandex)