Handwoven on looms in Nepal, Granite Linen Scarf has a beautiful translucent appeal and intentionally left undyed in certain portion of the textile.

Classic in appeal , each piece is dipped into earth friendly dyes by hand making this scarf is timeless piece that will connect artisan cluster to your capsule wardrobe sustainably so. The dyes used are 100% eco friendly making this piece completely biodegradable in nature.

Each piece is 100% handmade making it a unique sustainable scarf.

Dimensions 37″ l x 79″ w
Weight 0.25 lb
100% Linen
Color Dark grey and remaining portion left un dyed.
Ethically handwoven by artisans in Nepal.
Delicately dry clean only. Or gentle handwash with mild detergent and hang dry.

Packaging : Comes in individual cotton envelope shaped pouch made by same artisans , to keep our production inclusive and to keep our packaging sustainable & breathable.