GRANDMA SAID Drops – Essential Oil Blend


GRANDMA SAID essential oil blend will carry you deep into the forest, where you will feel like you want to breathe in deeper and inhale as much of the pure, clean air as possible. With this blend, you can create a soothing and soul-mending ambiance of a coniferous forest right inside your home.


Which essential oils does the GRANDMA SAID blend consist of?

Cedarwood essential oil is noteworthy for its ability to soothe and relax one‘s thoughts and induce sleepiness. Furthermore, it has been known since ancient days that the scent of cedarwood repels insects. On top of all of that, this essential oil is great for improving the quality of air and your well-being. This aroma is quite hefty, sweet, and its main note is woody.

Juniper essential oil, on top of its tonic and detoxifying properties, helps get rid of negative energy and thoughts. The scent of juniper is recommended for people who want to prophylactically bolster their immune system. It is perfect for improving the quality of air inside your home and for aromatherapy. The scent of this essential oil is reminiscent of a coniferous forest, nature and freshness.

Rosemary essential oil helps you feel relaxed and has antibacterial and disinfectant qualities. It is well suited for cleansing the air, fortifying your immune system and for use in sauna treatments. Rosemary, essential oil stands out with its fresh, potent and well-defined greenery aroma with notes of camphor.

All it takes is a few drops of„DROPS BY SOLIDU“ essential oil blend to give your surroundings an ambiance of nature, freshness and the forest.

This blend contains:

Cedarwood essential oil

Juniper essential oil


Rosemary essential oil

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