By: Sarah Zitin

How to put your New Year’s green goals into action is the next step. It’s one thing to set goals with the best of intentions; it’s another thing to actually successfully implement those green goals. Here are some ideas for your New Year’s green goals. All it takes is a willingness to commit, the desire to make the world a better place, and then mindfully creating your green vision for the new year.

These are a few actions you can take to implement your green goals:

Set Personal Goals

  • Coffee shop with your reusable mug
  • Use glass containers
  • Reusable grocery bags
  • Mindfulness about green habits

Personal Regimen 

  • Plastic-free cosmetics and personal cleansing products
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Vegan skincare
  • Vegan body brush
  • Slow fashion


  • Go Vegan if you can! Not only do you save an animal’s life, but you also create less carbon and methane in the environment
  • Support local farmers who depend on you and you on them
  • Eat green and use stems, seeds, ends and all
  • Supplement  your diet responsibly and harmlessly
  • Preventative medicine is what works the best

  Reduce Food Waste

  • Compost, compost, compost
  • Recycle scraps
  • Reuse excess
  • Repurpose menu
  • Restore “ugly” fruit and vegetables

Food Storage

Replace plastic:

  1. Glass containers 
  2. Mason jars 
  3. Silicon bags 
  4. Beeswax cloth. 

Create Green Accountability

Make green investments

  1. Solar panels 
  2. Electric car 
  3. New heating system
  4. Solar heat
  5. Solar appliances
  6. Solar Lighting

Compete With Yourself

  • Make saving energy and gas a game
  • Reward yourself the more things you can think of to do to be more green conscious
  • Take shorter showers
  • Stack dishes to wash them
  • Recycle shower water for other uses 
  • Reorganize your wardrobe to a more eco-friendly lifestyle


Educate yourself about local environmental and sustainability policies. There is numerous legislation on things that concern all of us citizens. Familiarize yourself with them so that you can organize and vote to get what you want. Spread the word in your community about petitions and legislation that affect our environment and sentient beings.


Volunteer to teach young people about being good stewards of the earth. Volunteer at a local nature center, at an animal rescue, ocean cleanup, or whatever else excites you about helping to create a more equitable and green world. There are eco-tourism opportunities galore! You can actually be part of a team that helps save elephants from poachers. Or a team that teaches kids in Ugandha how to read and plant their own gardens.

The Takeaway

If you’re not sure about what choices to make in terms of products, read labels for safety for your kids; read labels of everything you buy to determine if the products are eco-friendly. You can always contact The Environmental Working Group (EWG) if you can’t find answers.

It’s the little things that make the difference:

  • What toothpaste do I choose?
  • What lunchbox do we use?
  • Are your toothbrushes recyclable?
  • Does your shampoo come in plastic?
  • Are your kitchen utensils and technology green?
  • Do you use LED lighting?
  • Do you have a water purifying system?
  • Do you have an air purifier?
  • Do you recycle, repurpose and reuse your clothing?
  • Are your shoes made of leather or recycled leather?
  • Do you reuse your coffee cup?
  • Do you compost?
  • Are you conscious of turning off lights?
  • Do you seal windows in the winter to save energy?
  • Do you go paperless in your office?
  • Do you recycle technology?

These are questions you can ask yourself daily, or at least, when you buy new, think green. Green is the new plastic – it’s everywhere. It used to be a search to find sustainable products, but not any more. That’s why we created Leaf’d – to create a portal where folks can buy affordable sustainable products, and to educate the global community on green living.

Can you imagine if every able-bodied person did their bit to save the Earth from climate devolution? If every single one of us can make the effort to live more sustainably and to commit to it, we could actually begin to restore the environment.

Climate Change Documentaries

If that isn’t enough to convince you, there are amazing documentaries on these issues, and they’ve opened more eyes with their revelations than any politician ever could. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, so if you watch any or all of these videos, you can see first hand what’s happening around you.

Here is a small list of important documentaries on climate change:

The Anthropocene Project

Chasing Coral

Climate Refugees

The True Cost

Lowland Kids

It’s not an accident that global governments have rallied around our goals for sustainability, and it’s also evident from research that many European and Asian countries are ahead of the United States in the climate change “wars.” The deniers are definitely losing the fight. From hurricanes, to floods, to tornadoes, to earthquakes to tsunamis – those are perfect examples of what the changing climate has done to our world. They’re part of a system, including the oceans of the world, that is taxed to the gills with malfunctioning and destruction of the Earth’s resources. Water supplies are diminishing in many parts of the world, and famine is not uncommon.

This is not to depress you! If it gets you off your duff to be a steward of Mother Earth and teach others the same, it’s worth the read, right? We seriously do not have a planet B, at the moment, so we have to support the one we have. This is it! Be green, get Leaf’d, and have a remarkable New Year!