By: Sarah Zitin

Do you ever wonder how the idea of “New Year’s Resolutions” evolved? I never liked to set resolutions for fear of disappointing myself. Another reason is that goals, dreams, ideas and desires can change, and I like to go with the flow rather than be a slave to my plans.

However, when it comes to my goals, in general, they will always involve being more green-conscious in my daily life. I know for myself, I can always do better and take the extra step to be wasteless and conscious. I decided to make a conscious wish list of how to be more eco-friendly and make more of a contribution to ecology and the environment.

Sarah’s Green-conscious Wishlist for 2022:

  1. Buy only eco-friendly products
  2. Buy only what I need
  3. Recycle bags
  4. Use glass, not plastic
  5. Conserve water and energy
  6. Use cloth napkins
  7. Use hanky’s
  8. Use shampoo and conditioner that are not in plastic
  9. Sew, don’t buy
  10. Eat even more naturally and green
  11. Drive only when necessary
  12. Go paperless as much as possible
  13. Grow herbs at home
  14. Teach children and young people about sustainability
  15. Write more blogs about the need to change our lifestyle to more green-friendly living
  16. Give away the fruits on my trees
  17. Love is the engine that moves us forward
  18. Teach the necessity of changing our habits to a more eco-friendly lifestyle

There’s so much more to think about being green in our daily lives. One of the most important things for those of us who are informed is to teach others about why we must change. Education and information are powerful tools to understand our world. The more we know about why we must change, the more we can consciously practice being good stewards of the earth. Children can learn when they’re young why it’s so important to learn about sustainability

As we begin another year, the most productive thing any of us can do daily is to consciously choose green living. I listed some of my wishes for a greener new year, and if you like, you can do the same thing! What better way to begin another year than to start at the beginning.

Every one of us has the opportunity to make a difference in our own little worlds. Each ripple creates a bigger one that creates a wave that creates a tsunami of change! We’re so fortunate to have the opportunity to be participants in our own future. We have a voice in how the coming generations will perceive and live their lives. It’s a huge responsibility to hold the future of the planet in our tiny hands, but that’s our reality.

Sometimes it feels hard, too expensive or too time-consuming to be a conscious consumer. If you have the choice, make the choice to be conscious of how your actions affect the environment. It’s a small adjustment in your day to go one way and not the other. We all reap the benefits that Earth provides us. Therefore, we’re all a part of Earth and each other, and it’s a global effort to save our environment.

There are many who’ve been misguided about the realities of climate change. They’ve heard that the climate changes are cyclical and nothing to be concerned about. From my perspective, having done voluminous amounts of research on the subject, the changes that we’ve seen and experienced are not the norm, and were created by humans. If you ask any scientist who is educated about the environment, they’ll tell you that humans are the greatest polluters on the planet and are responsible for carbon levels, methane gas leaks, deforestation and ocean depletion.

If you ask me, making yourself a green wish list for 2022 is the most fulfilling gift you can give. For myself, if I can practice what I preach and stay on course, remember that every ripple creates a wave.

You, too, can educate yourself on green knowledge, information and skills and be the change we’re all practically dying to witness. Many have died due to climate destruction such as tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and more. They are not due to anything other than man-made manipulation and destruction of natural habitats, forests and oceans.

If everyone could simply make this one commitment to Mother Earth in 2022, we would see real and significant change. Leaf’d is on board to utilize our resources and make the world a more habitable place for everyone.

I hope that if I set these wishes for the new year and make a conscious choice to do better, it will benefit myself and others as we move forward. I have made myself accountable to follow through on this path. I’ll let you know how I did at year’s end!