Sarah Buscho knows a lot about sustainability, as she is the CEO of Earth Tu Face, the skincare company that cares about your skin and the earth. Her values and philosophy about skincare make her our Eco Hero of the week. Sarah sees her products through from sourcing to packaging, and yes, it’s all sustainably created.

Tell us a little bit about your journey and how you came to where you are.

I got into clean beauty back in the early 2000’s because it was nearly impossible to find, and my skin was sensitive and discerning. My face offered feedback in the form of reactions to basic products. I started making gentler products from plants I grew myself in my California kitchen. It turned into a business starting in 2010 and then launched under the name, Earth Tu Face, in 2012.

“I started making gentler products from plants I grew myself in my California kitchen.”

Where we have landed has sustainability and zero waste packaging at the forefront, in addition to gentle botanical ingredients. The aim is to run a sustainable and small operation that is resilient alongside the changing patterns of a warming planet and offers precious replenishment goods and self care basics, and to connect people back to the natural world. We also want to be supportive of our local community, which means continuing to seek out local farms and provide meaningful employment to a handful of people. We are currently a three women team!

“Where we have landed has sustainability and zero waste packaging at the forefront, in addition to gentle botanical ingredients.”

Where did your passion for sustainability begin? 

Nature is our inspiration and forever muse. Nothing is wasted in natural ecosystems. We approach formulation from this perspective and we are bringing that mentality into packaging as well.

“Nature is our inspiration and forever muse.”

Have there been any struggles or obstacles in getting to where you are?

The biggest struggle is that the marketplace is used to mass-produced synthetic products instead of small batch domestically produced natural goods. Explaining the real cost of sustainable, healthful goods can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

What is your all-time favorite sustainable purchase that changed your life?

Okay, Pansy bras changed my life. They are made from organically grown cotton that is sewn and dyed in California. I wear them all the time. I even sleep in them. Speaking of sleeping, organic linen sheets also changed my life. The temperature control and quality is really lovely.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I am a mama of an almost three-year-old and am currently starting to teach him how to mushroom hunt and bird watch. Wish us luck!

When did your vision for your business begin?

The vision is ever evolving. I used to think it would be easier for sustainability purposes to be a larger business and buy raw ingredients en masse, but my perspective has changed. It now seems like the most sustainable choices are available on the smaller scale. Taking that into account, we have been able to easily pivot our product offerings watching plant populations and do smaller production on limited and seasonal items to make a smaller impact overall.

“The vision is ever evolving.”

Have you ever tried to make your own beauty products, or DIY?

Oh yes, all the time. Playing with ingredients, trial and error, following creative waves that, many times, don’t pan out into actual products are cornerstones of my process.

Do you look for eco packaging options, too?

Yep. Always. Packaging, to me, is as important as the product inside. Packaging has a monumental impact on the planet, our waterways, and our cycle of use. Ideally all packaging is seamlessly able to transform into something else, another lifetime of use, another useful object or vessel, or compost for the earth. Most plastic isn’t recycled anymore so I pay attention to any alternatives that are available and workable for our products.

Wouldn’t you want to have these wonderful, ethical and eco friendly products on your skin? Just because a company is smaller doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a huge impact on our planet.

At Earth Tu Face, you can count on their integrity, transparency, sustainability and always with the intention of making the world a safer, better place in which to live!