• These crunchy jerky strips are made by slowly dehydrating hand-cut slices. Made from wild Mexican devil fish caught by our team of artisanal fishermen. Our single ingredient treats are just that! Fish and nothing else. Pezzy treats are high in protein and low in calories, making sure your furry friend stays healthy and lean.    
  • Made with 100% sustainable bamboo fiber - environmentalists' preferred choice over cotton. Not only is it a lot more durable, but it's also better for the environment since bamboo is grass (not a tree) and the grass grows faster and uses less water than cotton. These premium pet wipes are a whole lot more sustainable and eco-friendlier. These eco-friendly pet wipes remove dirt and help to clean your fur babies from their paws to their body and tail. Dog grooming wipes deodorize and condition with natural ingredients such as Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E. Dog wet wipes are durable, yet gentle. These pet grooming wipes are made of strong bamboo fiber that can stand up to the sharpest paw nails. These gentle wipes can easily wipe away dirt from your fur baby, yet are gentle and won't irritate their skin. These sanitizing dog wipes are hypoallergenic. Deodorizing dog wipes are completely free of parabens, alcohol, chlorine, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals. It's non-irritating and non-toxic. These dog cleaning wipes are unscented and fragrance free. Our quilted dog wipes are made big. Each pet wet wipe sheets are 8x9 inches (20x23 cm). You'll get 70 unscented, fresh wipes for dogs stored in a canister with a sealable lid. Please REUSE or RECYCLE the empty canister.
  • Be guilt-free and stop using petroleum-based plastic poop bags. Join the next generation of pet owners and start using biodegradable & compostable pet waste bags. Just like the light bulb industry is moving away from fluorescent lamps to LED for environmental reasons, the pet industry is doing the same. These pet waste bags will break down in just 90 days. They're ASTM D6400 Certified in USA, EN13432 Certified and OK-Compost Certified in Europe. These premium poop bags are definitely not plastics that will fill up and just be a burden on our landfill for years. They are made of PLA + PBAT + Cornstarch. That's why it's 100% biodegradable and compostable. As an environmentally conscious pet owner, you no longer need to use petroleum-based plastics ever again. You don't have to trade off convenience to upgrade. Just like plastics, they are extra-thick, durable, leakproof, odorless, and unscented. They are large bags at 9x13 inches and fits in most standard leash dispenser. It's a quick green alternative for a pet owner's daily tasks. Reduce your carbon footprint now by upgrading. Using green products like Mochi's Paws premium pet waste bags will change your outlook perspective, and makes you question why you didn't use them way earlier. Join the green movement by switching to certified compostable pet waste bags. Not only are the poop bags earth-friendly, but the roll core and packaging box are too. They are made from 100% cardboard and recycled material.
  • An alcohol-free cleanser for routine care of your dog's ears
  • Brushing your dog isn't just about looks - although of course they do look amazing - it's a healthy routine for you and your dog. Simply Silky makes it easier on you both - spritz on wet or dry so the brush/comb glides through without stress.
  • Light, vibrant scent + skin & coat hydration + natural pest repellents -- spritz, massage/brush & done. Fast. Which is what you need because you pup is headed to the couch...now.
  • Way beyond oatmeal. We've custom blended our Calm shampoo formula with organic hemp seed oil, marshmallow root, jojoba and burdock root (among other plant-based ingredients) to bathe your dog's skin and coat with soothing nutrients and moisture.
  • An exceptional conditioning shampoo made from plant-based ingredients to clean, moisturize and protect your dog's skin and coat without toxins (sulfates, parabens, phthalates) or synthetic fragrance or color. The light yet vibrant scent means you'll mind less when you find them on your favorite chair.


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