By Sarah Zitin

Organic Hair Products or Bust

Hair is the bane of our existence in many cases, and that’s why we need to treat our hair to the cleanest and best organic hair products on the market. Your hair is just as important as your face, so why not give it the best you’ve got! There are so many differing opinions on how often to wash your hair that it gets maddening, at times. The best solution is to know your own hair and do what you feel your hair requires to maintain health and shine.

Everyone has different hair texture, color, shine, and that  weird component of wishing they had what someone else has – some curly, some straight, and some in-between. If you have curly hair, you want it straight and vice-versa. The grass, in fact, isn’t greener on the other side. Make the most of what you have by using the best organic hair products on the market.

Best Organic Hair Products

Organic Hair Products on Demand

Organic hair products are the only way to go for clean, non-toxic hair! If you’re a woman in or over the age of menopause, it’s especially important to use the best of the best for your hair. Some women tend to lose hair either from thyroid or hormonal issues, so you want to fortify your hair as much as you can. Shampoo bars are not only better for your hair, but they’re also ecologically sound, with no packaging to pollute the ecosystem or sentient beings. 

The holidays are around the corner, so we all want to look our best even if we have a ZOOM gathering this year. “Hair makes the man” is an expression for a good reason. If you’re having a bad hair day, don’t push the panic button; get some organic hair products that nourish your hair while they clean.

Your hair is one of your greatest assets, and that’s why you want your hair to be perfectly healthy and shiny. The treatments like color, perms or relaxers can damage your hair irreparably, so it’s best to balance those toxins with the most eco-friendly hair products on the market. Why, you may ask? Aren’t all organic shampoos the same? The answer to that is no, they’re not all the same. Many products are listed as clean, healthy and non-toxic, but if you look at the ingredients, some brands manage to slip in a chemical or 2 here and there. Avoid them if you can, especially shampoos with sulfates or alcohol. Check the ingredient list before your purchase shampoo and conditioner, and trust the ones that don’t have these or other toxic ingredients. 

Zero Waste Hair Products

Coconut and Lavender Shampoo Bar

Zero waste hair products are easier to find than you might imagine. They’re the ones without packaging that come in bars, or compostable packaging. 

Many brands take pride in their zero waste packaging, and particularly the Millennials demand no-waste products and packaging. If your brand hasn’t yet jumped on this eco-friendly hair products train, now is the time to do so, especially before the holidays.

Sustainable hair products are in great demand and the safest way to take care of your hair and the ecosystem. The water you use ultimately ends up in the ocean, and if it carries chemicals and toxins, you’re putting the sea and its creatures at great risk. You see what plastic waste has done to whales, dolphins, sharks and other ocean life. Not only are the plastic and toxins killing them in large numbers, but the algae and coral have also been compromised by these chemicals and the ocean has lost more than ⅓ of its coral reefs.

Alcohol Free Hair Spray

Alcohol Free Hair Spray

Best Organic Hair Products

Aloe + Tea Tree Shampoo Bar

Organic Baby Shampoo

Organic Baby Shampoo

Baldness and Organic Hair Products

Chemical free products

What if you have no hair? Baldness in men and some women is very common, but the rules still apply. Bath soaps and shower gels carry a lot of chemicals that you don’t want on your body or in the ocean. The chemicals seep through your skin and have been known to damage organs or the brain. Why bother with those products when it’s so easy to buy the best organic hair products on the market? For people with no hair, you still need to shampoo or wash your hair, so go for the zero waste hair products and be one of the conscientious ones.

Organic hair products are the only way to take good care of your baby. Babies’ hair is delicate, and it’s best to start them young with eco-awareness and toxin-free living. Children watch what we do and use, so training them young to be eco-conscious and good stewards of the earth will reap great rewards later on in life.

Organic Hair Products: Are You Convinced Yet?

What’s the takeaway from the use of the best organic hair products for you and your family? You’re giving yourself and the earth the best that nature has to offer. Why stress the natural order of things with chemicals and toxins when you can easily buy eco-friendly hair products online or in the markets? Waste-free packaging is the new “green,” and manufacturers are getting hip to what consumers want.

If you think that this is too much or that these products are expensive, think again. They’re affordable and planet-wise and save your pocketbook in the long run, and contribute to a clean and waste-free ecosystem. Next time you’re out of shampoo or conditioner or any other hair product, go online and find what you need from Leafd’s eco-friendly site. We’re expanding our product list weekly, so stay tuned to see what Leaf’d carries next. We’re always available to accommodate you!