Our Mission Is To Unite The Sustainability Movement.

The contemporary sustainability movement brings together environmental protection, social responsibility and economic practice. It requires grass roots movements, political advocacy, corporate responsibility, education and the efforts of non profits to successfully make an impact.

Community Action Program

Leaf’d is all about giving back, not only to the planet but to those that work alongside the force that is moving it in the right direction. That’s why we donate a percentage of all proceeds to our partner organizations.

Our Values


Being sustainable isn’t just about eating organic food and making efforts to save the environment. At its best, it exists in the sweet intersection of environmental protection, social responsibility and economic practice.


Our goal is that Leaf’d be a valuable resource for everyone, regardless of economic position, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation… if it isn’t, we’re not doing our job.


We feel Leaf’d reflects the rich diversity which makes being a human so great. The more perspectives we can share and embrace the stronger we will be.


Leaf’d is the real deal. We want to help you find businesses with a genuine commitment to the sustainability movement, not just those jumping on the green band wagon and paying lip service.


We’re in this for the long haul. Shifting gears towards a more sustainable future and bringing everyone from grass roots activists to educators and corporations is no easy task, and we plan to persevere.


Right now we’re planting the seeds, and our mission is to see them grow. We value that which allows for the growth of the sustainability movement, and the growth of those who are working towards a better future.

The Green Team

What makes our team so special? We’re a group of real people who recognize real problems, not only on the planet, but in the needs of everyday people who look for green solutions. Our team is dedicated to providing you the best experience when shopping sustainably. We empower each other and our community to do what they love and do it the best they can.

Our Story

Leaf’d started its life as Heal Estate, a website to make sustainable choices available for the real estate and building industries. Since then the mission has expanded to unite the sustainability movement and we are excited to launch Leaf’d. You can search the Leaf’d directory for various products and services, learn about the latest eco trends and connect with businesses and non profits.